2018 Private Client Forum Asia
Private Client Forum Asia 2017

'Riding the waves of the client life-cycle' 

08:30 - 09:00
Networking coffee & registration 

09:00 - 09:15
Chairman opening remarks  
Nicholas Jacob, Forsters, UK
Valerie Wu, Pinsent Masons, Singapore 

09:15 - 10:15
Advising the global super-rich, is it always heads I win, tails you lose? 
The opening interview will examine the difficulties faced when advising ultra-high net worth individuals in times of heightened privacy and unprecedented political, economic and cultural change. What are the pitfalls you should be looking out for and how can you avoid the increasing trend in private client litigation?
Interviewer: Joshua S. Rubenstein, Katten Muchin Rosenman, USA
Interviewee: Sharanjit Leyl, international news journalist, Singapore  

10:15 - 11:00
Preparing for disruption: is the new generation of wealth looking for more than just a lawyer?  
In a growing market, purchasing patterns for legal services are dramatically changing. With a focus on new wealth, our panellists will look to identify what their clients in Asia expect from their lawyers when setting up the business and will discuss the strategies you can take to ensure the work keeps flowing. As law firms are seen to be trailing behind other professional services firms in their ability to offer integrated multi-disciplinary services, is the new generation of wealth looking for something different? How can you adapt and what is the influence of the western world on family business culture in Asia? 
Moderator: Shan Warnock-Smith QC, 5 Stone Buildings, London and ICT Chambers, Cayman Islands 
Paul Hodgson, Butterfield Trust, Guernsey
Lester Huang, PC Woo & Co, Hong Kong 

11:00 - 11:25

Networking & refreshment break 

11:25 - 11:55  
International pre-nups- prevention rather than cure
As the client has established their wealth, they will then look to their personal life and require guidance on pre-nups and marriage. What are the crucial steps that clients should be taking during wealth planning to ensure that family assets are fully and sufficiently protected? Our session will take us through international pre-nups and what other steps can be taken to protect wealth. 
Tina Wüstemann, Baer & Karrer, Switzerland
Jonathan Mok, Jonathan Mok Legal, Hong Kong  

11:55 - 12:15  
The Armageddon of divorce
Florence Tsang Chiu-wing won Hong Kong's biggest ever litigation divorce award with assets of around US$1 billion being argued over. The six-week trial, which took place mostly in open court, attracted extensive media coverage and gave the public a rare glimpse into the jet-set lifestyles of the seriously rich. But what did we learn? Tsang's lawyer, Marcus Dearle is ready to reveal and review the key lessons of the case with information all in the public domain- about how assets can be protected from divorce- responsibly and effectively.
Marcus Dearle, Berwin Leighton Paisner, Hong Kong

12:15 - 13:00 
Destructive disputes - lawyer turned counsellor
Rice paddy to rice paddy in three generations” – studies have shown that the majority of a family’s fortune are squandered by the end of the third generation. Arguably however, worse than the loss of riches by heirs are the families that implode. Follow the panel as they share from their experience on how advisers can help families navigate through potentially destructive disputes. Our speakers will explore the significance of the family patriarch / matriarch, the inevitable sibling rivalry and the potential for divorce and its tax implications when an ‘outsider’ of the family is thrown into the mix.
Moderator: Valerie Wu, Pinsent Masons, Singapore  
Marcus Dearle, Berwin Leighton Paisner, Hong Kong
Kurt Radamacher, Butler Snow, Singapore
Erik Wallace, Stephenson Harwood, Hong Kong

13:00 - 14:00 
Networking lunch 

14:00 - 15:00
Boardroom discussions 

A) Enjoying the fruits of business- tax planning strategies for global clients 
Join this interactive session to discuss the tax issues that arise during Asian client wealth planning particularly when clients have various structures around the world. Our expert speakers will discuss the pitfalls in these structures when the flow of money is moving from both high tax countries and low tax countries? 
Daniel Bader, Baer & Karrer, Switzerland
Alessandro Bavila, Maisto e Associati, Italy
Chua Yee Hoong,
Withers Worldwide, Singapore

B) Religion, custom & conflict: international wealth structuring 
Across many emerging and establishing client markets, wealth management and succession planning cannot be undertaken without due regard for faith based concepts and social norms. In this session the panellists will consider the issues that often arise in this context, how they are dealt with in the current practice and what the future may hold in the light of changing ideas about trusts and other judiciary services, inheritance rights and matrimonial property. 
Andrew De La Rosa, ICT Chambers, UK & Cayman Islands 
David Chee, Drew Napier, Singapore  

15:00 - 15:20
Networking & refreshment break 

15:20 - 16:15
The End.. The Succession begins
The tendency of Asian family firms to mismanage succession planning—by failing to do it or automatically appointing children or nieces and nephews—has serious financial consequences. Our panellists will share war stories and offer strategic advice on how to address succession and the best strategy for passing on wealth on to the next generation. How do you as the private client lawyer help to minimise or avoid litigation when everyone is fighting for their share of the pot? 
Moderator: Nick Jacob, Forsters, UK
Richard Wilson QC, Serle Court, UK
Tan Choon Leng, JurisAsia, Singapore 
Shimon Takagi, Takagi Law Office, Japan
Nigel Meeson QC, Conyers, Dill & Pearman, Hong Kong

16:15 - 16:45
2018 Playbook: Privacy and confidentiality in an uncertain world
Vikna Rajah, Rajah & Tann, Singapore
Valerie Wu, Pinsent Masons, Singapore
Nicholas Jacob, Forsters, UK
Gilead Cooper QC, Wilberforce Chambers, UK

Closing drinks